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Laptop Specifications

All Maine Maritime Academy students are required to have a Windows compatible laptop computer and printer.

MMA Laptop Purchasing Program

MMA has a laptop purchasing program through GovConnection. To purchase your Lenovo laptop, please visit:

This year’s laptop packages are:

Lenovo T540p - 15.6” screen, 2.5 Ghz processor, 4 gigs of RAM, 500 gig Hard Drive, DVD+RW, 4 year on-site warranty with ADP (accidental damage protection). This package costs $1,311.34.

Lenovo T440s - 14” screen, 1.6Ghz processor, 4 gigs of RAM, 500 gig Hard Drive + 16gig SSD, 4 year on-site warranty with ADP (accidental damage protection). This package costs $1,411.53.

What these packages don’t include: These laptop packages do not come with MMA’s Office/Project/Visio bundle pre-installed.  Students will install Office products after Orientation.

If you have any questions about the Lenovo Laptop bundle, please contact Kris Woodington, our dedicated Account Manager at (800) 800-0019 x75548 or

For any other questions about the MMA Laptop Program please contact the MMA Help Desk, at 207-326-2240.

Laptop guidelines and requirements:










[Some application] is acting weird/not doing what it’s supposed to, can you fix it?

We can try.  Maine Maritime Academy employs a number of student workers to assist students with software issues, including reinstalling Windows.

Do I really need to buy a warranty with my computer?

While they can be expensive initially, a warranty can save you from incurring costs from damaged equipment should the worst happen.  Dropping a computer can sometimes cause hundreds of dollars in damage, far more than the cost of the warranty.

My computer was damaged and needs new parts, what do I do?

Maine Maritime Academy is a Lenovo Certified Depot Center, and is authorized to service Lenovo Thinkpad series computer hardware (provided they have a valid Lenovo depot warranty or better).  The student will need to bring the damaged Lenovo to the IT Shop in the basement of Leavitt Hall for diagnosis and repair.

MMA's technical services for other student computers is limited to student technicians who are trained to troubleshoot basic hardware problems and assist students in setting up service calls for hardware repair. Some vendors require that laptops be shipped back to the factory, while others require that laptops be taken to the nearest authorized service center.

Choose your vendor and service level carefully for the best experience in case of trouble.

Many vendors offer on-site service for their products - here is how it works.  

  1. Student calls vendor with a description of their problem, if required - vendor arranges for on-site service.  Vendor ships needed parts to their contracted service personnel. 
  2. Contracted service personnel receive parts and contact the student to make arrangements to service computer at MMA. 

If your warranty is expired, you may work with the student technicians regarding where to purchase replacement parts and when they (the student technicians) can install them for you.

I want to buy a Mac, is that ok?

If a student wishes to use a Mac, they can, but they need to be aware that many of the degree programs here at MMA require students to run some Windows only applications, such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, KeyCreator, and perhaps others.

If they wish, the student can dual boot Mac OSX and Windows using a program call Bootcamp (free from Apple, requires a reboot to switch between operating systems).  Another option is VMWare Fusion ($60), which will allow you to start Windows whenever you need it from within Mac OSX.  Parallels is another option that allows you to run Windows inside of OSX ($80).  The student will be required to purchase their own copy of Microsoft Windows for any of these options (~ $100 for a Home Premium version).

I want to back my data up somewhere, what should I do?

Protecting your data is important.  The purchase of a CD/DVD-RW drive or Flash/Jump/Thumb USB drive can make backing up your data much easier.  Cloud services such as Dropbox or Skydrive are also useful alternatives.


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